Galvanized wire

 The wire is produced by a unique innovative in-line hot galvanizing process, for which SNTN holds the exclusive license for Europe. It provides excellent deformation properties for bending and forming operations without peeling off the zinc coating. The wire is available in a diameter as from 2 up to 14 mm.

 Results of comparative testing underline a higher corrosion resistance of our galvanized wire than a standard hot dipped galvanized wire.

 Moreover our zinc coating offers a high protection in isolating the steel from outside environment but as well in protecting damaged surfaces thanks to the galvanic nature of the zinc layer.

 Our Standard Galvanized wire :

 Dull with slight soap on the surface, this wire is dedicated for any apllications which require posterior bending & forming without altering its protective coating.

 Our Shiney Galvanized wire " GALVAFLASH®" :

 This wire offers same specifications as our standard galvanized wire and thanks to its shiney surface finish allows a direct application without any additional post treatment.

  Our Corrugated Galvanized wire " PREZINC 500®" :

 Mainly used within the building construction applications. Avoiding framework corrosion and offering long lasting structures.

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